Now Interviewing Candidates

We are currently interviewing entrepreneurs for our pilot of Portland Ten, which begins February 23rd.

We look for an entrepreneur right on the cusp of starting a high-growth business. A teachable entrepreneur who will commit to the required activities, and the optional activities when possible. 

An entrepreneur who will consider themselves the first investor in the project and raise the funds to pay the $500/month program tuition.

Specific Metrics We Evaluate Entrepreneurs On

  • Attitude, passion, and teachability
  • Available and willing to engage in the program activities
  • Ability to respond responsibly to critical 3rd party feedback
  • Prior business/startup experience
  • Prior technical/industry experience
  • Presentation of self & the concept during the interview
  • Tangible evidence of product development (wireframes, demo, beta product, launched product)
  • Ability to form/manage a strong team & network (co-founders, employees, advisors, partners)
  • Personal investment into the project (time, effort, cash)
  • Demonstrable market potential
  • Focus/project management skills
  • Bootstrappiness– ability to work with little, limited, or no obvious resources, in a way that perpetually generates forward progress
  • Ability to motivate self & others to deploy resources to get tasks accomplished

Interview Process

Interested entrepreneurs are invited to contact Portland Ten staff to set up a one on one interview to determine if there is a good fit for both parties. During the interview, we go through a series of questions via conversation to assess the entrepreneur’s passion, skill set, management style, current status of the project, and overall market viability of the concept.

Ten candidates are selected based on an informal assessment of the entrepreneur’s ability to manage a $1M project, and the concept’s overall market viability.

If you or someone you know is interested in interviewing for the Portland Ten, email for more info.



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7 responses to “Now Interviewing Candidates

  1. Are you looking for founders that have left their day jobs to pursue their startup, or do folks with a day job and a startup on the side qualify?

  2. portlandten

    Jeff, sure. We encourage local entrepreneurs who are serious about converting their side project into a full time job, to apply.

    (We have a $100 challenge– if any of the founders in Portland Ten are able to quit their day job during the program, because they’ve generated sufficient revenue/funding, we will give them $100).

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  4. How is this different than what OTBC and Portland State Accelerator are doing? I care greatly about start-ups in Portland, but am not certain this community has enough business to support all the incubators.

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  6. portlandten


    Thanks very much for your comment. You raise a valid concern– that there exists already infrastructure in Portland with existing programs, so why create a new one?

    I think for a more expanded ability to solve the startup community’s reticence or perhaps inability to commercialize, utilizing a regional economic development approach that leverages existing organizations such as the ones you referenced, would be and is ideal, and I hope we see more of that coming, in the future.

    At the moment, Portland Ten is a pilot to apply a more structured, hands on, specifically engineered process that builds in some of the underlying skills most 1st time or early stage entrepreneurs lack. When I was working to create the model for Portland Ten, I wanted to infuse the program with a venture-finance perspective, in other words to build in the tasks/character traits venture capitalists look for in promising companies.

    I think OTBC and other local organizations do good work, and I’m familiar with FastTrac, the lecture series, lunch & learns, and other events & activities that support the startup community– and they’re all good. We are just taking a different aproach which I am hoping will have a more targeted result in creating the entrepreneurial mindset & habits that will help PDX entrepreneurs become more able to generate revenue on a larger scale, rather than maintaining a side project that isn’t being commercialized at its full potential.

    Hope that helps– feel free to ping me with more questions/comments, or if you’d like to meet up for coffee at some point.

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