Get Involved In Portland Ten

The goal to help ten companies to the $1MM/more in revenue mark, by 2010, isn’t going to be a solo endeavor; nor is it a goal which is limited to the 10 entrepreneurs who are going through the first session.

We’re encouraging entrepreneurs whether on the Portland Ten team, or not, to take their side projects up a notch by thinking through and taking action on tasks related to market validation, revenue generation & commercialization.

As we go throughout this first session of Portland Ten, we’ll be documenting the experience on our blog, Twitter, etc., and opening up various events & activities to the community as a whole.

Support from the startup community has been tremendous. We are continuing to interview entrepreneurs and will be forming & announcing the team of Ten, and looking forward to kicking things off the week of February 23.

In the meantime, here are some ways you can get involved in the Portland Ten:

1. Add us on Twitter: @portlandten

2. Follow updates on our blog

3. Share your ideas/thoughts on the Portland Ten– what we’re doing right, and what you’d like to see changed.

4. If you’re an entrepreneur, consider applying. Or recommend someone who you think would benefit from the experience.

5. Become a local partner.

We have an active list of local founders, angel/VC investors, mentors, subject/industry experts, lawyers/CFO/accountants who we will be drawing from to work 1-on-1 with our entrepreneurs throughout the program.

We’d love to continue adding to this support team, so that when our founders have a need, we can connect them to the right person/resource. Email to sign up.

6. Tell us how you’d like to be involved– if you have an idea about how you can get involved, let us know.


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