Introducing The Team

As part of our mission to facilitate the creation of ten new $1MM startups in Portland over the next 18 months, Portland Ten is excited to announce the first round of participating entrepreneurs:

After a series of comprehensive interviews in the local startup community, we selected these entrepreneurs to participate in Portland Ten because we are confident in their ability to take their project to the million dollar level.

This group has a tremendous enthusiasm and willingness to learn what it takes to run a high-growth tech venture here in Oregon, and each has committed to generate $1MM in revenue by October 2010.

“Portland Ten is driving me to understand Lingofeeds from all angles. It’s exhilarating, challenging in the extreme, and brutally honest at all times. Most importantly, it is helping me put the pieces together to form a successful online venture,” said Kenneth Beare, founder of Lingofeeds.

Portland Ten is a 12-week bootcamp that combines venture capital investment standards, Getting Things Done methodology, and extreme bootstrapping philosophy to launch and grow early stage startups in Portland, Oregon.

We are currently in the 4th week of our pilot session, which runs through May 22. The next session of Portland Ten will tentatively begin June 8. Read more about the team here, or follow updates on Portland Ten via Twitter or on our blog.

Media Contact

Carolynn Duncan
Program Director, Portland Ten
(503) 734.9036



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2 responses to “Introducing The Team

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  2. Congratulations. This is an exciting venture. Best of luck, I will be following along.

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