Tonight’s Task Session: Nancy King, “What It Takes To Grow An Idea: People”

Every week at Portland Ten, we hold 2 “task sessions”, which are 90-minute work sessions based on completing a hands-on task that our founders need in order to build their company.

The typical format is that whoever is teaching the work session gets only 5 minutes to “speak”– and only on the absolutely most relevant information that our founders need to know about that topic. After that, they spend the next 85 minutes doing some kind of outcome-oriented activity or task.

We stick to this format because our entrepreneurs don’t need lecture or theory as much as they need to apply clearly-taught business concepts in the day-to-day tasks necessary to build and grown their concepts. 🙂

Now that we’re in week 4, we are beginning to invite local professionals in relevant areas (finance, investment, scalability, recruiting, legal, etc.) to come in and run a task session with the group based on their expertise.

Tonight’s task session is being run by Nancy King (add her on LinkedIn!), an executive level tech recruiter here in Portland, who I met last fall and whose philosophy on talent search is just fantastic.

Nancy’s task session this evening is titled, “What It Takes To Grow An Idea: People.” In prep, she wrote a blogpost by the same name, which you can read here.

The outcome for the work session is for our founders to assess their skills and patterns from within their career to determine why they should or shouldn’t be the CEO. They’ll identify the role they should play and who should be hired to complement their skills. Finally, Nancy will assist them in defining the type of culture they want to develop in their companies, and how to find the right team members.

Our task sessions are currently closed to Portland Ten entrepreneurs only, but I think we will begin opening up some of the task sessions to the local startup community in PDX, and we’ll announce that through our blog and our Twitter account.

Thanks again Nancy, for your efforts to help our P10 founders in defining some of these core decisions regarding talent, roles, and company culture!


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