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Now Interviewing Candidates

We are currently interviewing entrepreneurs for our pilot of Portland Ten, which begins February 23rd.

We look for an entrepreneur right on the cusp of starting a high-growth business. A teachable entrepreneur who will commit to the required activities, and the optional activities when possible. 

An entrepreneur who will consider themselves the first investor in the project and raise the funds to pay the $500/month program tuition.

Specific Metrics We Evaluate Entrepreneurs On

  • Attitude, passion, and teachability
  • Available and willing to engage in the program activities
  • Ability to respond responsibly to critical 3rd party feedback
  • Prior business/startup experience
  • Prior technical/industry experience
  • Presentation of self & the concept during the interview
  • Tangible evidence of product development (wireframes, demo, beta product, launched product)
  • Ability to form/manage a strong team & network (co-founders, employees, advisors, partners)
  • Personal investment into the project (time, effort, cash)
  • Demonstrable market potential
  • Focus/project management skills
  • Bootstrappiness– ability to work with little, limited, or no obvious resources, in a way that perpetually generates forward progress
  • Ability to motivate self & others to deploy resources to get tasks accomplished

Interview Process

Interested entrepreneurs are invited to contact Portland Ten staff to set up a one on one interview to determine if there is a good fit for both parties. During the interview, we go through a series of questions via conversation to assess the entrepreneur’s passion, skill set, management style, current status of the project, and overall market viability of the concept.

Ten candidates are selected based on an informal assessment of the entrepreneur’s ability to manage a $1M project, and the concept’s overall market viability.

If you or someone you know is interested in interviewing for the Portland Ten, email for more info.



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