The Team

As part of our mission to facilitate the creation of ten new $1MM startups in Portland by October 2010, Portland Ten is excited to announce the first round of participating entrepreneurs.

We have a great team on board, and look forward to sharing updates on the program and our entrepreneurs throughout the process.

Ben Parzybok, founder of Walker Tracker

Step-tracking software for walking enthusiasts.


“From the perspective of having successfully put together a boot-strapped product, I was particularly interested in Portland Ten to learn about taking the project to a new level. My short term goals include working through the enterprise sales cycle, understanding best-of-breed practices for startups and connecting with a community that is undergoing the same process. Portland Ten has been an invaluable help as Walker Tracker re-envisions its objectives and gets on task.”

Dave Miller, founder of GiftoFile

Event planning & gift registry for weddings & baby showers.


“First and foremost Carolynn Duncan’s Portland Ten bootcamp is a hell of a deal. The training is fun, challenging, and comprehensive, with plenty of one-on-one problem solving. I’m learning a ton and having a great time doing it.”

John Metta, founder of Hydrasi

Online data aggregation for the climate and water sciences.


“Portland Ten is a group focused on razor sharp honesty. You call them reasons and learn that they are excuses. You call them obstacles and learn that they are your own fears. You call them gold and learn that they are just really horrible, horrible ideas. It’s hard and often painful, but so is starting a company and I’d rather take the hard knocks in a room full of peers than one full of angry investors who learned too late that there’s no market for my product.”

Kenneth Beare, founder of Lingofeeds

Online industry-specific English language learning & certification.


“Portland Ten is driving me to understand Lingofeeds from all angles. It’s exhilarating, challenging in the extreme, and brutally honest at all times. Most importantly, it is helping me put the pieces together to form a successful online venture.”